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No Return or Refunds

We are focusing on providing used, new, and affordable items for new and continuing home owners. Once you buy it, it is your responsibility. Due to this policy we have provided a changing room for articles of clothing to assure they are of proper sizing before purchasing.


Prices are Set

All prices are set unless specified otherwise. they are non negotiable.


Polite and Respectul

We ask you to be polite and respectful to all staff, and if we feel that you are acting otherwise we have the right to remove and at worst ban you from shopping here.


You Break it You Buy It

If you break anything in the store you will be required to purchase it.


Children are Welcome

Children are more than welcome to shop with you here, however keep in mind there are many breakables in store and if they end up breaking anything you will be required to purchase it.


No Pets

Pets are not allowed due to the amount of clothes we are trying to keep hygienic and hair free. some consumers shopping her may be allergic and we just want to keep a pleasant and nice shopping experience for everyone. 


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